Sonntag, 8. April 2007

Second Post

I recently discovered that Jeremias is blogging since severals month and even James Clark ... no really I started reading feeds with Google Reader some weeks ago and it struck me to give it a try to write a blog myself. Lets see where it will go.
Actually I already started blogging in 2004 after the birth of our first daughter Anika (Blog available under http://localhost/wordpress :-) but I don't think that there are lots of people interested in stuff like when Anika got her first tooth.
So without much thinking I started with Blogger (and after one post it seems it's good enough) as I already have a Google account. I'll think later about a good title, tags, licence and a stable URL (should be done rather sooner than later..). I'm not even sure about the language (writing german is quite a bit easier/faster for me).

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